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We are a full-service law firm with deep experience.  Regardless of your legal problem or need, we encourage you to call any of us to determine how we can help.  We specialize in representing business interests in areas of commercial law for businesses of all sizes, real estate law with closing and contracts, and estate planning, but we also provide a wide range of legal services in other areas.

If we determine you need specialized services that we cannot provide to your best advantage, we will assist you to find appropriate specialized counsel.

Business Law

Our business litigation attorneys advise clients on a wide variety of complex business issues for corporate clients and individuals. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts. Additionally, we represent clients in administrative proceedings, arbitration, mediation, and contract drafting.

Banking Law

We represent financial institutions both in litigated and non-litigated matters, in a practice which has been a specialty of our firm and its predecessors for many years.

Real Estate

We offer counsel on a wide range of both commercial and residential real estate matters, including commercial acquisitions, eminent domain, condemnation, landlord-tenant disputes, and land use and zoning.

Additionally, we handle residential real estate closings in Georgia and South Carolina. We primarily provide closing services in Georgia in Richmond and Columbia Counties and in South Carolina in Aiken and Edgefield Counties.

Estate Planning

We offer counsel and litigation when necessary in the areas of wills, trusts and probate to ensure our client’s assets are protected. We work with clients to effectively plan and administer the transfer of assets.

Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights

We represent exclusively creditors, mostly in Chapter 11 and adversary proceedings, but also in related foreclosure proceedings in and out of bankruptcy courts. We specialize in working with non-consumer debts facing bankruptcy.

Appellate Practice

We undertake the appeal of cases wrongly decided by any courts or before any administrative agencies, state or federal, in the states of Georgia and South Carolina, and from agencies located elsewhere if appeal lies to a court within these states.

Other Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Injury to Property, Domestic Matters, Criminal Defense

We regularly represent both plaintiffs and defendants in business tort matters, but we also, on a selected basis and where we believe our expertise can be of value to clients, prosecute and defend cases involving personal injury or injury to property outside of the business context.

We also represent clients in domestic matters (divorce, child custody, and other incidents of marriage and marriage dissolution) and defendants in criminal matters where we believe we have the appropriate expertise. In these matters, we encourage you to call on any of us to see if we can do what you need.

Contact us to get a top business lawyer in Augusta Ga. – as your real estate lawyer or for other needs – today.